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Murder on the Orion Express

Private Detective Alan Blades can't count on a regular paycheck, but he can always count on his gut. His gut just convinced him to accompany his ex-wife’s sister on a cruiser to Orion—a good thing, considering there’s a killer on board. Throw in a femme fatale, some space pirates, and an eccentric collection of suspects, and you have the makings of the first Alan Blades Adventure.

The Big Cryosleep


Alan Blades is back to solving cheating spouse cases on Fillion when a killer sexdoll goes rogue. His pal Bone asks him to track her down before the GalactiCops capture and dismantle her. What begins as a simple search and recover gig evolves into an illicit gizmo-tracking, assassin-avoiding, planet-hopping quest that takes Alan to the furthest reaches of the Edgeworld Cluster. As the clues converge, what he discovers at the end may change the very course of human history.

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